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The Trustee of sheikhAbdulJalil Foundation, Darbhanga stressed that the whole personality trail in the children be developed. The teacher’s education institution should grow in producing the skilled and quality teachers in the society. The Madhepur Teacher’s College has been sotup and shall run to imbibe in the pupil the sense of devotion, dedication and determination. To encourage the pupil of nationalism, secularism universal brotherhood and human values, national integration and international understanding.

To transform the young pupil to help the nation and the world through moral and ethical education based on value system. Training the pupil to a visionary ‘’GLOBEL CITIZEN’’ embedded with the feelings and values for human right and infuses in them the sense of accountability as a noble citizen towards fundamental duties as enshrined in hidden constitution
This seat of education shall work as medium in changing the way the teachers think about their rule and responsibilities. To metamorphose the parent, knowledge end the total personality of the world be true guardians of the society is the teachers. To make Madhopur Teachers ‘Training College’ the right take off plateform for people pushing teaching cover.

The children are like clay in potter’s hand just as potter gives a desired shape to the clay in his hand , a school provide environment and opportunity to students estimates their potential and integrated sources built the holistic help of the students estimates their potential and integrated sources built the holistic help of the students that integrant physical and emotional health, and prepare the adolescent about relevant psychological issues for self-discovery and self-environment which inspire them to develop their thoughts process and choose the right path in their pursuit for quality education.

Education for all is the national policy, the spirit of the slogan and really Reaching to the door of the people all around the community focus, the need of qualified trained and skilled manpower to meet the organization, institution of education in all level. The Teacher students are inexpensively required to be trained in the manner to provide the quality education character, behavior and key to success in life to children.